Meet Our PT - Ken Olson

Introducing Ken Olson, Physical Therapist and President of Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists. Ken works in our DeKalb Sycamore Road Facility, and shares his thoughts on how being a musician ties into Northern Rehab's philosophy of physical therapy treatment.

Meet Our PT - Melissa Beck

Introducing Physical Therapist, Melissa Beck, with Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists at our DeKalb Sycamore Road clinic. Melissa discusses her ties to the DeKalb community, the quality of care at Northern Rehab, and information about our Strength & Stability Class.

Meet Our PT - Brandon Clement

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Introducing Physical Therapist, Brandon Clement! Brandon is the lead therapist in our Sandwich clinic, and also treats patients in our DeKalb Sycamore Road location. Brandon shares his ties to the DeKalb area community, his family, and why he loves working as a PT with Northern Rehab.

Meet Our PT - Kristin Christian

Introducing Physical Therapist, Kristin Christian, with Northern Rehab! Kristin treats patients at our DeKalb Lincoln Highway facility, and discusses her love for singing, her background, and why she loves working with patients to help improve their path to wellness.


Morning Exercise Tips by Melissa Beck

Physical Therapist Melissa Beck provides some excellent morning exercises to do before you get out of bed or getting ready for the day.

Knee Protection Strategies by Todd Vanatta

Northern Rehab Physical Therapist Todd Vanatta discusses some simple strategies and tips to decrease the strain to your knees when doing chores, repetitive bending, and activities.

How to Minimize Discomfort at the Computer Desk

Physical Therapist Andrea Carter discusses the proper way to sit at your computer workstation and offers valuable tips to minimize discomfort and risk of injury at home or in the workplace.

On The Go Exercises by Melissa Payne Wagner

Do you ever find yourself sitting or waiting around, scrolling on your phone while waiting for someone? Whether you are a parent running kids to and from their activities, a caregiver taking loved ones to appointments, or standing in line while shopping, PT Melissa Wagner offers 6 simple, low impact exercises you can do anywhere to help you remain active.

Tour Our Genoa Clinic

Welcome to Northern Rehab's Genoa Clinic! Take a tour of this facility and learn what physical therapy treatment and specialties we offer here in Genoa. #choosenorthernrehabfirst

Try Physical Therapy First

Now you can schedule physical therapy without a doctor's prescription. Schedule an appointment with Northern Rehab today and get back to a pain-free life. #choosenorthernrehabfirst