Aquatic Physical Therapy Now Available in Rochelle

We are pleased to announce Aquatic Physical Therapy is now available in Rochelle in partnership with the Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District at The REC Center. Aquatic physical therapy is an individual, one-on-one therapy program performed in the pool at The REC to achieve therapeutic results. Using the resistance of water, aquatic physical therapy offers a comfortable unweighted environment to achieve … Read More

Choose To Move Challenge Raises Funds for the Rochelle Senior Center

Northern Rehab recently presented a donation to Rochelle’s Hub City Senior Center.  The funds were raised during the recent “Choose To Move Northern Rehab Challenge” event held the end of September through mid-October. As part of National Physical Therapy Month, Northern Rehab created a new virtual event to encourage our community to get up, get out, and enjoy a variety … Read More