Gardening Tips to Avoid Injury

Gardening is fun and can be great exercise. Gardening has both physical and mental benefits. It offers a sense of accomplishment, increases self-esteem, and alleviates depression. However,¬†gardening can be hard work that includes repeat-motion activities, heavy lifting, and bending and kneeling. So before you begin digging in the ground this gardening season, enjoy these tips to help avoid injury: Never … Read More

Liza Attends Continuing Education Mobility Course

Liza Piper, Physical Therapist at our Genoa clinic, recently attended a continuing education course in Milwaukee, WI on Visceral Functional Mobilization(TM). This 3 day lab intensive course focused on gaining mobility of structures throughout the abdomen and pelvis. Limited visceral mobility¬†impacts skeletal mobility and function of the involved organ. Abdominal structures can refer pain into the neck, shoulder, back, pelvis … Read More