Back Pain? Try Physical Therapy First!

Back pain is a common problem in America, but our medical system is not very good at treating it. “Non-drug treatments like physical therapy” is the first treatment recommended for back pain by many evidence-based treatment guidelines. Unfortunately, many providers don’t follow these guidelines and treatments are often recommended based on opinion rather than research.  Often, people with back pain … Read More

Finally, Some Good News About Back Pain

Back pain is a huge problem, with 80% of people in the US experiencing back pain at least once during their lifetime. It is the single biggest cause for disability, the third most common reason for doctor visits, and one of the most common reasons for missing work. It’s also expensive. Back and neck pain makes up the biggest healthcare … Read More

You Have the Right To Choose Where To Go For Physical Therapy

You just finished packing and carrying that last box of decorations down to the basement when, “uh-oh” back pain. What do you do now? Research shows that early intervention results in quicker return to function rather than waiting to see if your pain will disappear on its own. Physical therapy has proven to be a good option for relieving aches and pains that may be the result … Read More