Sept. 8 Is World Physical Therapy Day 2021

September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day!

Northern Rehab would like to take the opportunity to help raise awareness of our profession that contributes to keeping people well, mobile, active, and independent.

The focus for this year’s World PT Day is rehabilitation and Long-COVID, and the role of physical therapists in the treatment and management of people affected by Long-COVID.

The campaign is focused around the following key messages:


•1 in 10 of all Long-COVID cases will exhibit symptoms for a period of 12 weeks or longer.
•Safe and effective rehabilitation is a fundamental part of recovery. Rehabilitation for Long-COVID is tailored to the individual, depending on their symptoms, goals and preferences.
•The World Health Organization recommends that Long-COVID rehabilitation should include educating people about resuming everyday activities conservatively, at an appropriate pace that is safe and manageable for energy levels within the limits of current symptoms, and exertion should not be pushed to the point of fatigue or worsening of symptoms.
•Effective rehabilitation interventions to support self-management of symptoms may include activity pacing and heart rate monitoring. Our physical therapists can help you manage your activity levels for Long-COVID with pacing and heart rate monitoring.
•Post-exertional symptom exacerbation (PESE) is most often triggered by physical activity and exercise. Our physical therapists can help you manage
your activities to minimize PESE.
•Our physical therapists can help you with breathing exercises.

Through treatment, advice, education, and exercise programs, physical therapists support people of all ages to achieve activity goals. Northern Rehab’s physical therapists are highly trained medical professionals who are experts at helping people recover their mobility and function after a serious illness, including Long-COVID and Post-COVID recovery. Although it is important to keep your doctor informed about any changes in your symptoms when recovering from COVID-19, a physician’s prescription is not required to begin physical therapy treatment, so we can help in your recovery and resume daily function to get back to the activities you enjoy.

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About World PT Day:
World PT Day is held every year on 8 September, the day the World Physiotherapy was founded in 1951. World PT Day is a day when physical therapists can promote the profession to showcase the significant role the profession makes to the health and wellbeing of the global population and raise the profile of the profession. The day marks the unity and solidarity of the physical therapy community around the world.