Rob Larkins Completes Military Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation Training

Rob Larkins, PT, DPT, OCS, and lead Physical Therapist at our DeKalb Lincoln Highway clinic, recently completed the Military Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation (MVAR) course. Rob also serves as a Medical Specialist Corps Officer and as the Group Physical Therapist for 20th Special Forces Group. This course is developed and hosted by The Military Hearing Center of Excellence and part of the Army Medical Specialist Corps post-professional short course series. This intensive, evidence-based, 5-day course was held at Madigan Army Medical Center on Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington.  Briefly, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive clinical skillset to Physical Therapists and Audiology providers treating patients for dizziness secondary to vestibular pathology or Traumatic Brain Injury/concussion. Upon completion of this week-long course, participants are well prepared to independently treat patients with suspected vestibular pathology and post-traumatic dizziness.

Rob is one of several physical therapists here at Northern Rehab that specialize in treating vestibular and dizziness disorders, orthostatic hypotension, cervicogenic dizziness, and central nervous system dizziness. There are many perceptions of dizziness such as unsteadiness, an off-kilter feeling, spinning, lightheadedness, and blurred vision with movement. Common causes of dizziness may also accompany neck pain, blood pressure changes, inner ear disorders, brain damage, tumors, or strokes. If you feel your dizziness is affecting your daily activities and have a fear of falling, a physician’s prescription is no longer required to receive physical therapy treatment, so you can call Northern Rehab directly and start feeling better right away!

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