October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Each October, National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated! This month-long celebration is to raise awareness of how physical therapists help to improve the quality of life by restoring and improving your ability to function. Here, at Northern Rehab, we work with you to restore your freedom to move and get you back to doing the activities you enjoy.

Physical therapists are experts trained in the evaluation and treatment of muscle, joint, and nerve dysfunction. We are trained specifically to improve movement and function, relieve pain, and expand movement potential. Physical therapy is often the treatment of choice in situations where pain impairs function, in recovering from an injury or surgery, and in recovering from a disease or illness. Physical therapists also teach adaptive and physical coping skills in dealing with impaired function from a disease, injury or illness.

At Northern Rehab our team of skilled therapists specialize in the thorough evaluation of sports injuries and orthopedic problems. Our specialized care includes: specialized hands-on treatment, injury assessment & rehabilitation, individual conditioning programs, educational and wellness programs.

A physician referral is not required to see a physical therapist, and this means you can start feeling better today! Our team provides treatment options that are less expensive, less invasive, less addictive, and more personalized. Start adding physical therapy into your wellness routine before chronic pain limits your daily function.  Start adding regular physical therapy into your wellness routine before chronic pain limits your daily function and be one step closer to living pain free.

Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists is a physical therapist owned and operated practice dedicated to providing clients with the very best customized care. Once a physician orders physical therapy, individuals can choose where to go for their physical therapy care, and the staff at Northern Rehab works to assure that choosing Northern Rehab is the right choice.