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Liza Celebrates 15 Years with Northern Rehab

We’re excited to announce Physical Therapist, Liza Piper, PT, MPT, is celebrating her 15 year anniversary at Northern Rehab! Liza joined Northern Rehab in 2005 as a Physical Therapy Technician whil...

October 15, 2020

October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Each October, National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated! This month-long celebration is to raise awareness of how physical therapists help to improve the quality of life by restoring and improv...

September 29, 2020

Choose To Move Northern Rehab Challenge

Have you and your family been looking for something fun and NEW to do in our community? Northern Rehab invites you to participate in our inaugural “Choose To Move Northern Rehab Challenge”.  N...

September 9, 2020

Computer Workstation Tips

As students are soon returning to school via remote learning or in person, or if you are working from home or returning to the office, it’s a good time to assess your computer workstation setup f...

August 19, 2020

Inactivity Leads to Deconditioning

The lazy days of summer combined with social distancing, and stay at home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led many people to reduced levels of activity. Some gyms are closed while others a...

August 5, 2020
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