Liza Piper Attends Birth Healing Summit

Liza Piper, PT, MPT

Liza Piper, PT, MPT, recently participated in the 10-day 2022 Birth Healing Summit hosted virtually by the Institute for Birth Healing. Over the 10 days, there were 20 different presentations from throughout the world given by physical therapists, occupational therapists, a Medical Doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist, Midwife, Psychologist, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, and fitness experts. The overriding theme for the Summit was “Out-Of-The-Box Solutions for Postpartum Problems”.

Liza has completed extensive training in pelvic floor rehabilitation through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. As a mother of 5 children, Liza enjoys working with women before, during and after pregnancy. One of Liza’s passions is helping people improve their pain and optimize their function. There are many common post-partum issues and just because they are common does not mean it is normal and that it has to be your new normal. She has a thorough background in treating orthopedic conditions as well as treating visceral restrictions which will provide a comprehensive approach to each patient’s pelvic floor rehabilitation. Liza believes in treating patients as a whole to improve their pain and optimize their function as well as promote education and encourage patients to take ownership of their health journey.

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