Special Programs

Northern Rehab offers a variety of special programs to continue and enhance patient education and treatment. Whether you would like to join a Strength & Stability Class, begin an individual exercise program, improve your golf game or running time, or benefit from a customized education program, we have something to appeal to everyone!

Due to COVID-19, our Strength & Stability classes are suspended at this time. Please call us at 815.756.8524 for more information or if you would like us to call you when our program will resume. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Educational Seminars

Northern Rehab’s professionals conduct a wide range of educational seminars targeted toward athletes of all levels and sports, local coaches, and parents, as well as programs for workers injury prevention, or other general discussions. Topics include: proper warm-up, performance enhancement for general sports, running and golf performance enhancement, as well as proper hydration and injury prevention and concussion/ImPACT assessment education for all sports, and information on back, neck, or knee pain, headaches and TMJ, dizziness, fall prevention, and more. We can customize a topic at your request.

Please contact us to find out what programs we can offer for you and your team, business, or organization at 815-756-8524.