Foam Rolling & Injury Prevention Workshop

Energize Fitness and Northern Rehab have partnered together to provide a free Foam Roller and Injury Prevention Workshop on Thursday, September 14 at 5:45pm at Energize Fitness, 1470 S. Peace Road in Sycamore. Northern Rehab’s Physical Therapist, Melissa Beck, will discuss what foam rolling can do for you and your workout. She will also demonstrate proper foam rolling techniques to target certain trigger points and release tight muscles. Cathy Pivonka with Energize Fitness will also discuss injury prevention and understanding pain in your body. We will explore when to rest/recover or when to make an appointment with a professional health care provider. Foam rollers will be available at the event or you are welcome to bring your own. Everyone is welcome at this workshop and there is no charge to attend. This is part of Local Health Awareness Week, showcasing a variety of locally-owned small businesses that provide a full spectrum of health-related services for your overall health and wellness. Don’t miss this FREE event!