Choose To Move Northern Rehab Challenge

Have you and your family been looking for something fun and NEW to do in our community? Northern Rehab invites you to participate in our inaugural “Choose To Move Northern Rehab Challenge”.  Northern Rehab is challenging the community to move! The event/fundraiser takes place from Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 9, as participants can choose to do a variety of new activities anywhere, at their convenience, anytime within our community.

Participants pick up or download a Choose To Move Northern Rehab Challenge Activity Card which includes a variety of activities to do such as try a new outdoor game or sport, hike in a new park or forest preserve, re-explore your downtown (or a new downtown area), or walk, bike, or hike along a lake or river. Participants are challenged to choose 4 (or more) activities from the card, take a picture doing one of the activities, then post it on Northern Rehab’s social media or email us with permission to post. Participants then bring their completed Activity Card to any of Northern Rehab’s 4 locations to receive a limited-edition event t-shirt (adult and youth sizes available) and be entered in a raffle. There is no cost for participants; however, in lieu of a registration/participation fee, Northern Rehab invites you to consider making a donation to the Voluntary Action Center or Rochelle Hub City Senior Center. Any amount is welcome, even just $10.00 would be great! Northern Rehab will match donations up to $500! Donations (cash or check please) for the VAC and Hub City Senior Center will be collected at all clinic locations and can be dropped off when you pick up your event t-shirt.

To read more about our event and for further specific instructions, please visit our Events page here >>>