4 Easy Ways to Prevent Golf Injuries

According to a recent article published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, performing a functional based exercise program has been proven to increase the club head speed of golfers, as well as their perceived and measured level of physical fitness. The average improvement
in club head speed was four miles per hour, which added approximately 30-45 feet to the driving distance off the tee.

The authors of the study concluded increased flexibility, along with strength have a greater influence on club head speed than either one alone. Participants in the study performed an eight week training that incorporated static and balance drills, progressive strengthening exercises, and flexibility activities. Participants were also scored on standardized fitness test parameters which showed a marked improvement following completion of the eight week program.

Our Physical therapist, Aaron Nevdal, states that golfers must maintain appropriate balance of flexibility, strength, and stability throughout the entire body to prevent injury since the golf swing is an asymmetrical motion to carryout repetitively. Aaron has known the importance of this both personally and professionally, due to playing golf over the years as well as through seeing patients who have either sustained injury or are unable to golf due to pain limitations in muscles and joints. In addition, Aaron also offers a Golf Performance Enhancement Program to enhance the performance and longevity of non-injured golfers seeking performance enhancement at Northern Rehab. Aaron recommends the following tips to help lower the risk of injuries while golfing:

  1. Take It Easy. Most golfing injuries result from overuse.
  2. Warm Up. Performing a golf-specific warm up before a round focusing on the hips and spine mobility has been shown to reduce injury rate in golfers.
  3. Focus On Swing Mechanics. Correcting swing mechanics and posture as you contact the ball may assist in preventing common injuries as well as assist in the length and accuracy of the drive.
  4. Use Common Sense. Be in shape to play your sport and drink plenty of water when on the golf course during the summer months.


Authored by Northern Rehab’s Aaron Nevdal, PT, DPT, OCS, Board Certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy