TMJ Therapy

  • TMJ Therapy

As one of the few facilities in the area that treat Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), Northern Rehab's TMJ program offers evaluation and treatment designed for individuals with a history of headache, neck, jaw and facial pain. From the results of a thorough examination during your initial visit, the therapist will educate you on your condition and provide a postural exercise program.

Subsequent therapy sessions will focus on your postural awareness and re-establishing proper muscular control of your neck and jaw. In addition, the therapist may also utilize physical agents of heat, cold, ultrasound or electrical stimulation to decrease pain and muscle spasm. Massage and mobilization techniques will be utilized as necessary to restore natural range of motion of the neck and temporomandibular joint.

With physical therapy treatments you will experience normal
mobility and function of the TMJ and neck. Your therapist
will also instruct you on independent postural awareness
techniques that will help you control
symptoms in the future.

What does
a physical
therapist do?

Physical therapists are experts trained in the evaluation & treatment of muscle, joint, and nerve dysfunction. We are trained specifically to improve movement & function, relieve pain, and expand movement potential.

freedom to move

Your Right to Choose

The decision of where you go to receive treatment is
yours. If you have a specific therapist or practice you
would like to go to, you should let your doctor or
insurance company know this. Not all physical
therapists or practices are the same and the choice
of your provider is yours.