We put the "care" in
post-surgical care!
From total joint to arthroscopic and spine surgeries. Post-surgical care including knee, hip, shoulder, and spine therapy.
Work injuries are common.
From pre-employment screening & job-site/ergonomic analysis to work conditioning & functional capacity evaluations we provide a comprehensive industrial medicine program to help workers in all industries reach their maximum potential.
When life is interrupted
by pain, we're here.
The focus of physical therapy treatment for spine conditions includes a combination of manual therapy & therapeutic exercise to relieve pain & restore freedom to move at home, work, and play.
From school & club athletes
to the weekend warrior.
We design a functional sport specific training regimen that challenges and meets the growing demands placed on kids and adults who compete.
Treatment for headache,
neck, jaw & facial pain
The focus of physical therapy treatment for TMJ includes education, teaching postural awareness & specific TMJ exercises, & re-establishing proper muscular control of your neck & jaw so you can learn to effectively manage your TMJ pain.
Treat yourself
to a massage!
We offer Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Chair Massage, Pre & Post Events Sports Massage, On-Site Chair Massage, & more!

freedom to move

Your Right to Choose

The decision of where you go to receive treatment is
yours. If you have a specific therapist or practice you
would like to go to, you should let your doctor or
insurance company know this. Not all physical
therapists or practices are the same and the choice
of your provider is yours.

Featured TherapistMelissa Rhoades Beck

Melissa Rhoades Beck
Melissa graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and a Minor in Aging Studies. She then continued her education at Northern Illinois University where she earned her Masters in Physical Therapy in 2006. Melissa has also taken courses through the Institute of Physical Art, as well as other seminars involving current techniques for treating special conditions. She enjoys treating a variety of cases, including sports and orthopaedic conditions, extremity disorders, and spinal dysfunctions.

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    Help with TMJ Pain & Headaches

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